Student Organizations and Leadership Development

The Office of Student Involvement supports a number of student organizations, including Kaleidoscope, the Queer People of Color Coalition (QPOCC), Men’s Identities, Expectations, and Norms (MEN), and the Sexual Prevention Education at K (SPEAK), to name a few organizations that may encompass issues related to gender identity or expression. The Office will help students establish additional groups as student interest develops.

The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership will partner with student organizations to bring programming to campus and the community. In addition, it sponsors the Social Justice Leadership Fund that offers grants up to $1000 to support personal leadership development initiatives and research with a social justice focus.

For many years, OSI has sponsored students to attend Camp Pride during the summer, a collegiate leadership academy for lgbtqai+ and allied students. The new Intercultural Center includes lgbtqai+ students as a group of special focus.

The OSI has conducted expansive surveys including gender designations/identification. OSI is developing a practice to be explicit about preferred pronouns in working with student groups.